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…The Night Land !?!




Tens of thousands of years ago, the Sun died.
How, is impossible to say.

Some say it was the consequence of forbidden science.
Other tales claim it was the wrath of the gods themselves,
which smote it from the heavens.

Whatever the cause, the Time of Light ended,
and the long night and winter of the Fimbulwinter began…





//~Crazy Yoda

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…Night Of The Broken Glass !?!



It can happen again…




The world will still keep on turning without me;
what is going to happen, will happen,
and anyway it’s no good trying to resist.

I trust to luck, but should I be saved,
and spared from destruction,
then it would be terrible if my diaries

and my tales were lost…

~ Anne M. Frank ~





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…Common States "Unappreciated" !?!



…Former teacher of Swedish, politician, actress and….hmm…entrepreneur;

Messing has left the building…


Bildkälla: Kenneths Fantasy




But…just for a ride in the sunset with Torsten !?!





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…There Is Somebody Out There !?!




Now you feel it, a shiver and you begin
Frozen breath that scrapes across the skin
And a sound you’ve never heard before, you screaming

Welcome to the world of random noise
Where you simply haven’t got a choice
When they push your levers and pull your strings

It’s another world, it’s a better world that we bring

Here you are on the planet of hot and cold
Where you’ll do as exactly as you’re told

In a world of a 1000 furry toys
You can hear the screams
Of little girls and boys
It’s a charming noise
If you really want that kind of thing, mama

Now you feel it, a shiver and you’ve begun
When they pull those strings how you’ll start to run !
And there’s no stepping off or stepping down

It’s another world and it’s a better world,
That’s what we have found..


+ R.I.P. +





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…Strain At A Gnat And Swallow A Camel !?!



SCAN ia Vabis   sportcoupe



Vi har nu satt våra skarpaste hjärnor (ekonomer) på att lösa problemet…





…undrar om de (IPCC) har en helt annan agenda än den de utger sig för att ha?





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…Sapere Aude !?!





Hmm…ett redskap för djävulsutdrivning ??? 




Jag förstår inte varför de s k tro-ände är så (restriktiva) emot sex…

…det är ju trots allt Guds påfund !?!





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